Faith Kidz

At Faith Community UMC, we value our children. We recognize that the impression we give children of a loving God will last forever. We know that children, as abstract thinkers, learn in many ways. That’s why we try to engage children at different levels

Therefore, we want to:

Create a Sense of Wonder: So children grow up continually amazed at the wonder of a gracious and loving God and how much he loves them.

Promote a Spirit of Discovery: So children pursue a lifestyle of discovery, where their identity is determined by a personal relationship with Christ where they are guided by His Spirit and truth.

Develop a Passion: So children will have a sense of passion that is model by a Christ like attitude.

On Sunday mornings we offer children’s ministry during the worship service. This time is led by volunteers who have been through our Safe Sanctuary Training. Kids will experience Bible stories through creative and fun activities.