Pastor Musial Pearson

Greetings to anyone who might be looking for a home church. My name is W. Musial Pearson, co-pastor of Faith Community Church. My wife Joyce and I have been part of this church since June 2019. We have come to know and love each and every person that has made this church their home. I served in the United Methodist Church for 44 years until June 2023. When Faith Community disaffiliated from the United Methodist Church I left with them. I am now an Elder in the Global Methodist Church and will continue to serve my Lord in some capacity for the rest of my days. God is surely doing a mighty work in our church and if by chance you are looking for a place to do ministry while being fed the Word of God, then please consider Faith Community Church a place to call home. If you have questions or just curious about our beliefs, feel free to email me or call.  God is Good, all the time!  All the time, God is Good!!

Contact information:  [email protected]    502-424-1555 Cell phone